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We bring together the best in industry and academia to deliver intelligence to a wide range of business need through the state of the art of computer vision, machine learning, and big data technology.
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Intelligence Services

At Deligence AI, we tackle some of the biggest and most interesting business challenges with artificial intelligence with focus on computer vision, machine learning, and big data analytics.

Deligence AI provides your organizations the most optimal access to the cutting-edge computer vision, machine learning, and big data technology.
Intelligence Software as a Service (ISaS)

We build artificial intelligence applications software that is easier to integrate into your existing processes. We can help you to unlock the value of your data by building customized applications.

Joint Research and Development

Our researchers and engineers can work closely with your data scientists and IT team to efficiently and securely access the large volumes of data needed to train our AI models. We use the latest in machine learning techniques to train models that give the most accurate and reliable results.

On-Going Support

We are committed to building applications that continue to deliver value for your business. We ensure our continued support to re-train models with new data and to secure your data and models..

Let us deliver you the best!

Intelligence Products

Deligence AI turns the state of the art AI research into the most desirable competitive advantages for your AI-driven business.

Deligence AI: 4 in 1 (DeepALPR, DeepLogo, DeepCar, DeepColor)

Deep Color (78.5% accuracy, 6 colors)

New DeepCar (10 classes)

New DeepALPR (90.56% Accuracy)

DeepCar in The Wild: Real Time Car Model, Brand, and Type Recognition in Action

DeepALPR in The Wild: Real Time ALPR in Action

DeepRoad: Intelligent Road Analytics for Smart City Solution.

IntelCar: Automatic Car Damages Detection and Pricing Analytics.

DeepALPR: Deep Learning based License Plate Recognition (92.77% accuracy)

DeepLogo: Deep Learning based Car's Logo Detection

DeepALPR + DeepLogo Working Together Simultaneously.  

DeepAnomaly: Abnormal Events Detection.

DeepSketch2Foto: Automatic Photo from Sketch.

Deep learning servers cluster serving
A customizable cluster of deep learning servers for your business need. We also can configure and optimize your deep learning servers cluster both for training or inference.
Intelligent traffic or parking analytics
Count the number of different vehicles in each lane including identifying vehicle models and color from several CCTV streams.
License plate number recognition
Detect and identify vehicle's license plate number from several CCTV streams.
Multi-subject, multi-object detection, localisation & identification
Detect and recognize the type of objects and their position from a multi-camera system.
Human action recognition and description
Identify human action from video data and document it in an easily understandable description.
Abnormal, Anomaly, and Fraud Events Detection
Automatically detect fraud or anomaly events that are significantly different with normal usage patterns.
Intelligent natural user interface
Body motion based natural user interface that interprets actions as commands.
Facial and voice expression recognition
A multimodal expression recognition that combine facial and voice data.
Big geospatial data and remote sensing analytics
Integrating multi-sources and multi-format geospatial data and remote sensing technology for decision making.
Automatic caption generation from image and video
Generating caption from images and videos in Bahasa or English.
Social network analysis based recommendation system
A recommendation system that take advantage of implicit feedback from users' social network analysis.
Emotion aware lips reading from video data
Transcode text from lips motion and facial video.
Embedded and mobile deep learning
Scalable and compact deep learning for mobile devices.
Image and video annotation tools
Web based images and videos annotation tools.

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